LetterMeter is a stand-alone text analysis software for Mac OSX, used in the Type&Media classes (postgraduate course of type design) at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. LetterMeter is designed for comparing multilingual texts and measuring the frequency of particular glyphs.
Because it is Unicode based, it will work with the majority of languages. The current version will recognize Latin, Greek and Cyrillic glyphs, and sort them according to their formal attributes. LetterMeter's results include statistics for the incidences of round/square/open/diagonal left and right sides of glyphs, ratios of vowels/consonants, and counts of glyphs with accents, ascenders and descenders, in any given text(s).
LetterMeter was developed jointly by Peter Bilak and Just van Rossum, whom I would like to thank for the Python programming. Vera Evstafieva helped with the Cyrillic specifications, and Panos Haratzopoulos with the Greek.
Although it is available for free, it is copyrighted, and you may not redistribute it. All rights reserved, © 2003, Peter Bilak, Just van Rossum. DOWNLOAD HERE
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